afro - of African orgin

urban - of, relating to, or designating a metropolitan area

Join us for for the afrOURban exhibit series. Our collective is comprised of people who have made it their calling to document culture, architecture, urban spaces on the continent. This exhibit will be an exchange of experiences and ideas, about Africa by Africans. 

The aim of our collective in curating the exhibit is to document and express the many characters of the metropol on the continent and how these inform culture or are informed by it.  Exhibited work will take the form of a variety of mediums and subjects, through this we wish to engage with the diverse experience and interpretations we have about ourselves. The exhibit will provide a specific space for the facilitation of discussion and documentation of afrOURbanity.

Upcoming Exhibits

28th July 2018

Artgang Gallery, 

 6524 Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC, CA

in association with CC:MTL & Artgang 

11th August 2018

156 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON, CA

Previous Exhibit

20th January 2018

616 east 9th street New York, NY, USA